Benchmark Scientific® P7700-1 Accuris NextPette™ Single Channel Pipette, Adjustable Volume, Volume:

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The Accuris pipette is the next generation of high precision liquid handling. The Accuris NextPette™ has been designed with light springs and smooth plunger movement, keeping pipettes and blow-out forces at an absolute minimum, reducing the chance of repetitive strain injury. This low plunger force, in combination with a lightweight design and an ergonomic handle shape, makes the NextPette™ ideal for use in high volume laboratories. Plastic materials and component designs were chosen to minimize the overall weight without compromising durability. The popular 0.5-10µL, 2-20µL, and 20-200µL pipettes weigh well less than 100 grams. The NextPette™ is designed with a lightweight yet virtually unbreakable outer housing that isolates heat from the critical internal aspirating components. This thermal isolation ensures accuracy and precision even when a pipettor is held in the hand for hours. Traditional pipettors require two hands to adjust the volume which can be very inconvenient and leads to inefficient sample processing. The NextPette™’s volume adjustment wheel is ergonomically located at the base of the plunger button, and is easily reached and turned with the thumb. The large surface of the adjustment dial in combination with a smooth turning volume adjustment system allow for quick and effortless volume changes. A unique feature of the NextPette™ is the elliptically shaped plunger button that can be turned and positioned per the user’s preference. Studies show that most researchers prefer the thumb-shaped setting as opposed to the more traditional round style. An ergonomic pipette requires a comfortable stroke distance (the distance a plunger moves through both the aspiration and blow out steps). The NextPette™ has been designed with a stroke distance that is comfortable for all hand sizes and still ensures accurate and precise pipetting. The NextPette™ incorporates a 4-digit volume display with large, easy-to-read numbers. In addition, this volume display is positioned to be in clear view of the user when the pipettor is being adjusted by the thumb. Each instrument is individually tested according to stringent validation and control procedures using gravimetric methods in accordance with EN ISO 8655. Volume: 0.1 to 1.0µL. Inaccuracy: ± 20 to 2%. Imprecision: ± 12 to 1.2%. Tip Size: 10µL. Benchmark Scientific® #: P7700-1.

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