Urethane Aprons

Capitol Scientific offers a wide variety of chemical-resistant urethane aprons. Urethane reinfornced aprons are manufactured with a double-coated, urethane rubber polyester-backed fabric which provides superior chemical protection which is also temperature-resistant and ideal for abrasion and cut protection. Urethane aprons are ideal for use in work environments where there is exposure to dangerous, hot, cold or greasy liquids including fish and meat packaging, liquid transfer and even food and beverage manufacturing plants.

Urethane bib aprons provide protection only for the front chest, abdominal, waist and upper leg areas of the body. For more complete body protection to include the arms and lower legs, a urethane coat apron is recommended.

Urethane aprons are USDA approved food handling and meat packing. Designed for comfortable, all-day wear by workers who require liquid splash protection within the work environment.