Vinyl Aprons

Capitol Scientific offers a wide variety of chemical-resistant vinyl aprons (PVC Aprons) which are ideal for use in the laboratory or industrial workplace. Vinyl aprons are manufactured with virgin, flexible PVC which provides chemical-resistant protection from most acids and alkalies like sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. (Note: vinyl aprons are not recommended for use around chlorinated acids, alkalais or solvents.) Vinyl aprons are water and liquid-repellent and ideal for splash protection and keeping worker's clothes clean.

Vinyl bib aprons feature extra long ties for added comfort and ease of securing the apron to the body. Vinyl bib aprons provide protection only for the front chest, abdominal, waist and upper leg areas of the body. For more complete body protection to include the arms and lower legs, a vinyl coat apron is recommended.

Vinyl coat aprons are ideal for workers who require more complete protection of the front of the body including the arms. Like vinyl bib aprons, vinyl coat aprons also provide protection from abrasions, grease, fats and most chemicals.