Ansell® HyFlex® Cut Resistant Nylon Sleeves

Ansell® offers premium cut-resistant sleeves designed to protect the arms from cuts and abrasions manufactured with nylon knit fabric.

The Ansell® HyFlex® 11-200 series cut-resistant nylon sleeves provide enhanced safety due to its high visibility, cut performance and Level 1 Thermal protection. Freedom of movement: Anatomic design enables freedom of movement so that workers can maintain range of motion with added protection. Enhanced safety is assured, thanks to a high visibility sleeve with Level EN Cut 5 performance (ANSI A3).

The Ansell® HyFlex® 11-270 and 11-271 series cut-resistant sleeves provide all-day comfort and protection. These sleeves feature double-layered nylon fabric for a soft and comfortable wear experience. The seamless design and length options ensure an excellent fit and protection. Engineered to perform in combination with any HyFlex® cut resistant glove. The 11-270 series sleeves are manufacured without a thumbslot while the 11-271 series sleeves are manufactured with a thumbslot.