TexWipe® TexMop™ Stainless Steel Flat Cleanroom Mops

The TexWipe® TexMop™ cleanroom mop is a flat headed mop which is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as ceilings, floors, walls and hard-to-reach areas. The flat mop head features a TexStar Connector adapter system which is designed to allow removal of spent wipers and installation of new wipers in adherence with strict cleaning protocols. Cleanroom wipers easily fit over the head permitting quick changeouts. The TexWipe® TexMop™ cleanroom mop head can be used with TexWipes' complete line of cleanroom wipers which provide you with the cleanest substrates available in the market for cleaning walls, floors and ceilings in cleanroom environments. The complete line of TexMop™ cleanroom mop handles can also be used with these mop heads.


  • Cleaning ceilings, floors, walls , isolators, hoods, hard-to-reach and other confined areas of the cleanroom.
  • Applying and removing cleaning solvents, cleaning solutions and disinfectants.