TexWipe® Sterile CleanFoam® Foam Tip Swabs

Texwipe's Sterile CleanFoam® Swabs are constructed from the highest quality 100ppi polyurethane foam. Complete thermal bond construction eliminates adhesive contamination. The swabs are made to exacting and consistent tolerances using high-precision automated processes. The easy-to-open, individually wrapped swabs ensure sterility at point-of-use. The swabs are visible through clear packaging which also offers visibility of seal integrity. Applications include: Environmental Monitoring; Diagnostic Sampling; Cleaning with compatible cleaning solutions and solvents; Picking up fine powders. Industries include: Pharmaceutical; Biotech; Medical Device Manufacturing; Microbiological Labs; Diagnostic Testing Labs.

Features & Benefits

  • Gamma irradiated to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10(-6) in accordance with ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137 Standards
  • Lot code and expiration date clearly marked on each package and included in the bar code for inventory control.
  • Certificate of Irradiation and Compliance is attached to each case confirming that the irradiation dosage met Standards Specifications.
  • Pre-Sterilized swabs eliminated the need for re-packaging, documentation and validation of on-site autoclaved swabs
  • Great sorbency for easy surface cleanup.