TexWipe® Microdenier Polyester Tip Swabs

TexWipe® Microdenier Polyester tip cleanroom swabs are made from the cleanest polyester fabric. This 100% polyester microdenier fabric lifts and captures fine particles as small as microbes while providing streak-free cleaning for scratch-sensitive surfaces. The completely thermally bonded construction of this polyester cleanroom swab eliminates the possibility of adhesive contamination. This swab is also nylon-free which makes it compatible with QAC (quaternary ammonium chloride) cleaners and disinfectants. Cleanroom manufactured to exacting and consistent tolerances using high-precision automated processes. Lot coded for traceability and quality control. Fully autoclavable for use in sterile or aseptic cleanroom environments and processes. Packaged in a reclosable, silicone-free bags.


  • Applying and removing lubricants, adhesives and other solutions in a critical cleanroom environment.
  • Scrubbing recessed areas and removal of excess materials or debris.
  • Cleaning intersecting surfaces and joints.
  • Cleaning with solvents and compatible chemical cleaning solutions.
  • Picking up and removal of fine powders and particulates.