FG Clean Wipes Gamma Irradiated Polyester Cleanroom Wipes (C3GR), Non-Woven

These 100% hydroentangled polyester wipes by FG Clean wipes are gamma irradieted sterile and offer the highest level of softness and abrasion resistance. They are perfect for cleaning and polishing the most sensitive surfaces. But that softness does not come with a tradeoff for durability. These wipes are built tough for usage in a variety of applications. Recommended for ISO 5-8 controlled environments.


  • GAMMA IRRADIATED and sterile (non-certified economical version)
  • Manufactured with 100% hydroentangled polyester fiber fabric
  • Highy absorbent
  • No chemical binders

  • Recommended for cleaning optical lenses and other sensitive surfaces without scratching
  • High level of cleanliness and purity
  • Low NVRs and ion extractables

  • Optical lens cleaning and manuacturing
  • Sensitive surface wipe downs and prep
  • LCD and display cleaning and maintenance
  • Use as an absorbent benchtop work surface for delicate taskes and spills
  • Critical tool and component wipe downs