FG Clean Wipes Custom Pre-Saturated Wipes Kits

These dry, perforated cleanroom wipe rolls along with matching height and width empty canisters are ideal for creating your own custom pre-saturated wipes. The dry wiper rolls are manufactured from a critically-cleaned, 100% hydroentangled polyester cellulose blended fabric.

Dry wiper roll refills are are designed for use as pre-saturated wipes combined with FG Clean wipes 7-Inch or 10-inch height empty canister dispensers Once inside the canister, the wipes can be custom saturated with the users required blend of pre-saturant to include cleaning solutions, cleaning solvents or even disinfectant solutions.


  • Blended, hydroentagled polyester cellulose fabric
  • Pre-perforated for easy wipe tear-off and canister dispensing
  • Ideal for customized creation of pre-saturated wipes per user specifications

  • Cleanliness of a critically-clean non-woven wiper
  • Economy of bulk packaging
  • Bulk dispensing
  • Minimized bulk liquid storage - Safer to ship, store and use.
  • Consistency in application of solvent
  • Versatile all-purpose wiping and cleaning

  • Cleaning in the field
  • Wipe-down of support areas and workstations
  • Pre-inspection wipe downs
  • Equipment and tool cleaning
  • Aerospace and industrial manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and compounding