TexWipe® AlphaSat® Pre-Saturated Polyester Wipes

TexWipe® AlphaSat® pre-saturated cleanroom wipes are manufactured with a no-run, interlocking, double-knit 100% continuous filament polyester fabric. Texwipe's proprietary Vectra® Process cleans the wipers more efficiently than cleanroom laundry and 4 fully-sealed borders to prevent the release of fibers and particles. Superior for general wiping in environments where contamination control is of paramount importance, and resists abrasion under rigorous use or when wiping rough surfaces - the best wiper for multiple applications. Wipers are pre-wetted to optimal levels with 0.2um filtered 100% isopropyl alcohol. Packaged for easy access in a re-closable bag which prevents the alcohol solution from evaporating and drying out the wipes.

Features & Benefits

  • Filled with an optimal level of 0.2um filtered alcohol of your choice in the desired %.
  • Packaged in easy-to-use, re-closing bags which reduces alcohol solution evaporation.
  • Pre-saturated wipes provide optimized cleaning efficiency with repeatable wetness and VOC levels.
  • Vectra® sealed border technology provides low levels of ions, NVRs particles and fibers.
  • Ideal for wiping down abrasive surfaces. Wipes will not easily snag, tear or abrade.
  • Excellent chemical resistance for compatibility with a variety of cleaning solutions
  • Meets USP <797> and USP <800> wiper requirements.
  • Individually lot coded for traceability and quality control.

  • Wiping and cleaning surfaces, equipment and parts
  • Applying and removing lubricants, adhesives, residues and other solutions including disinfectants
  • Cleaning with solvents such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA), ethanol, acetone, and degreasers
  • Appropriate for use with temperatures less than 400°F (205°C)