TexWipe® IPA SolvSat™ Pre-Saturated Wipes Canister System

The TexWipe® IPA SolvSat™ pre-saturated wiper system features cleanroom manufactured and processed 100% rayon fabric wipes with a cut edge. IPA SolvSat™ wipes are pre-saturated with an optimal amount of 99.9% semiconductor grade isopropyl alcohol and are designed for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing cleanrooms.

Features & Benefits

  • Cases contain 10 re-fill packs of wipes and two pre-labeled pop-up dispenser canisters. 100 Wipe/Pack
  • IPA SolvSat™ pre-saturated wipes provide consistent, optimized cleaning efficiency with repeatable wetness and VOC levels
  • Designed for ease-of-use at workstations, minimizing exposure to harmful vapors, lowering VOC emissions and eliminating spills.
  • Re-fill packs of pre-saturated IPA wipes are packaged in easy-to-use solvent-resistant pouches which easily fit in to dispenser canisters.
  • Re-fillable dispenser canister is designed to allow workers to pull out and easily tear of a pre-saturated IPA wiper for single use.
  • Individually lot coded for traceability and quality control.

  • Eliminates the use of wash bottles (squirt bottles) for dispensing isopropyl alcohol cleaning solvent
  • Cleaning of machine parts made of metal, glass, quartz and most plastics
  • Removal of oils, sealants, adhesives and heavy particulates from surfaces
  • Composite surface preparation and pre-painting cleaning
  • Cleaning of tools used in composite fab and painting areas