TexWipe® Pre-Saturated FK55 Mold Release Wipes with Henkel FreKote 55-NC

TexWipe® FK55 pre-saturated mold release sheet wipes combine textile and chemical technology to create an effective point of use product for applying mold release agents. These two-ply spunbond polypropylene wiper sheets are pre-wetted with Henkel's Frekote 55-NC. Each saturated wiper sheet is packaged in a point-of-use pouch to ensure a consistent and accurate amount of solvent for uniform application to mold surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable, low-linting, chemical-resistant polyproylene wipes
  • Pre-saturated wipes are filled with an optimal level of Henkel FreKote 55-NC mold release solvent
  • Provides a satin like finish with quick curing time at room temperature
  • Reduced VOC emissions and worker exposure to hazardous solvent
  • Optimized mold release usage and semi-permanent multiple releases with each wipe

  • Compression Molding
  • Casting
  • Releasing of: Epoxies, Polyester Resins, Thermoplastics, Adhesives & Rotational Molded Plastics