Plum Portable Emergency Eyewash Stations

Emergency eyewash stations are essential first aid equipment for any workplace. These portable and wall-mountable eyewash stations provide an inexpensive solution that can be utilized to enhance emergency preparedness, and improve critical response time when debris or chemicals enter the eye. Open eye wash stations are perfect for use in dust-free locations, while covered stations keep eye wash bottles clean and easily accessible in high-dust areas and mobile workplaces. Heated eyewash stations are ideal for outdoor work areas which are subject to cold and freezing weather.

Sterile 0.9% saline solution eyewash bottles are ideal for rinsing foreign matter from the eyes. pH Neutralizing eyewash solution is designed for use when there is risk of eye injuries from chemicals such as acids or alkalis. Each Plum emergency eyewash stations include pictogram, self-explanatory usage instructions. Double eyewash bottle stations include a polished metal mirror. Bottles are designed with built-in, flexible eye cup with weep holes and can be dispensed in an upright or inverted position.