Chemical Gloves

Mapa STANZOIL® Chem-Ply™ Neoprene Chemical Gloves

The unique all-Neoprene construction makes the Mapa® STANZOIL® Chem-Ply™ the most effective and economical chemical-barrier glove available. These industrial heavy-duty neoprene chemical gloves provide excellent chemical protection, mechanical resistance and dexterity for your application. Curved-finger, contoured-palm design gives the Chem-Ply™ excellent fit and comfort. Embossed Z-pattern grip channels fluids away from the working surface to provide a positive non-slip grip even on hard-to-grasp materials. Two-color construction provides a visual indicator of glove wear-through. Self-extinguishing, flame resistant. In compliance with 21 CFR, 170-199. N-440, N-540 & N-740 meets all performance requirements of NFPA 1992-1994 Edition Hazardous Chemical Emergency Standard. Applications include: Haz-mat and chemical spills, metal finishing, transformer rebuilding, agricultural chemicals, chemical processing, grinding/filing, transmission assembly, general plant maintenance, petroleum refining, printing industry.