Chemical Gloves

Mapa® StanSolv® Nitrile Chemical Gloves

Mapa® Professional brand knit-lined AF-18 StanSolv® nitrile chemical gloves combine superior chemical resistance with knit lined durability. Interlock knit cotton liner for rugged durability and insulation. Outstanding flexibility, comfort, durability and protection. Unique embossed "Z" grip. 30% more abrasion resistance. Green nitrile (NBR) formulation without plasticizers or inert fillers for superior chemical resistance. Resist deterioration by aromatic, petroleum and chlorinated solvents, oil, fuel, grease, fats, acids, caustics and alcohols. In compliance with 21 CFR 177.2600 for food and drug handling. Applications: Metal fabrication, chemical processing, seafood processing, construction, petrochemical processing, and plant maintenance. 18 mils thick & 13-inch length.

Mapa® Professional brand unlined A-15 StanSolv® nitrile chemical gloves provide superior chemical resistance and flexibility. Unique Z-pattern provides an excellent grip, even on hard-to-grasp materials. The medium weight A-15 nitrile chemical gloves provide outstanding dexterity and protection. Unique carboxylated Mapa® nitrile compound contains no fillers and provides unsurpassed resistance to snags, punctures, abrasion and cuts. Meets 21 CFR 170-199. Applications; Electroplating, Chemical Processing, Meat and Poultry Processing, Degreasing Operations, Solvent Washing, Acid Etching & Washing. Gloves are 15 mils thick and 13-inch length.