Ansell® BioClean™ Maxima BLLS Sterile Cleanroom Latex Gloves, Hand-Specific, Class 10 (ISO 4)

Ansell® BioClean™ Maxima BLLS sterile cleanroom latex gloves are anatomically shaped and provide shoulder length protection. These pre-sterilized cleanroom latex gloves are also flexible and comfortable which enables prolonged use for all-day comfort. Gloves are hand-specific and ergonomically shaped with a textured surface which provides an excellent grip in both dry and wet working condiations. These sterile cleanroom latex gloves also feature a beaded cuff for added strength and stability. Pre-Sterilized for use in aeseptic work environments. Flexible & comfortable. These sterile cleanroom latex gloves can also easily be double-gloved for added protection. Class 10 (ISO 4) cleanroom compatible. Powder-free. Non-particulating EasyTear packaging. Color: Natural; Length: 24-Inches; Palm Thickness: 7.1mil; Finger Thickness: 7.9mil.

CAUTION: Safe use of these gloves by latex-sensitized individuals has not been established. This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic skin reactions.