Ansell® BioClean™ Nitramax BNMS Sterile Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves, Hand-Specific, Class 10 (ISO 4)

Ansell® BioClean™ Nitramax BNMS sterile cleanroom nitrile gloves provide full arm protection up to the shoulders for all-day comfort and protection. These cleanroom nitrile gloves are highly chemical resistant and pre-sterilized for use in aeseptic cleanroom manufacturing and laboratory applications. Flexible & comfortable nitrile rubber construction is chemical resistant and tear-resistant. Gloves are hand-specific and ergonomically-shaped for added comfort. Textured fingers and palms provide and excellent grip in both dry and wet working conditions. Beaded cuff provides strength and stability. Class 10 (ISO 4) cleanroom compatible. Powder-free. Non-particulating EasyTear packaging. Color: White; Length: 24-Inches; Palm Thickness: 5.91mil; Finger Thickness: 7.1mil