Coated & Dipped Knit Work Gloves

Ansell® Edge® 48-128 Light-Duty Knit Gloves with Nitrile Coating

Ansell® EDGE® 48-128 industrial work gloves combine a seamless knitted dark grey polyester liner with elasticized knit wrist dipped into black straight nitrile coating. Better alternatives to light or medium weight knitted cotton gloves due to the nitrile rubber palm coating which provides a much better grip, cushioning and long abrasion resistance. The black nitrile rubber coating hides dirt and particulates less easily, which causes the gloves to be discarded less quickly and extends the glove's lifetime usage. These work gloves provide excellent flexibility and finger dexterity compared to cotton canvas or thick cotton gloves. Ansell® EDGE® 48-128 knit work gloves are the practical choice for light applications where oil is present.

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