Coated & Dipped Knit Work Gloves

Ansell® HyFlex® 11-816 Ultra-Thin Knit Gloves with Nitrile Foam Coating

Ansell® HyFlex® 11-816 Ultra-Thin knit work gloves offer unparalleled comfort and tactility which frees your hands to perform better. The ultra-thin, ergonomic design of these nitrile foam coated nylon knit gloves provides extreme tactility to handle the smallest of parts easily. Dermatologically tested, solvent-free, and Oeko Tex certified for no harmful substances. FORTIX™ Abrasion Resistance Technology delivers extended wear time for enhanced worker safety and productivity.

Ansell® Hyflex® 11-816 nitrile foam coated knit gloves provide unparalleled comfort and estreme tactility. The combination between the thin liner and coating provide extreme comfort and a barehand feel for workers who rely on fingertip sensitivity for precision tasks. The FORTIX™ nitrile foam coating lasts longer than comparable styles under abrasive conditions for a longer wear life. HyFlex® 11-816 work gloves also ensure a secure grip in dry environments. They are silicon-free with no transfer of silicone contaminants to metal parts prior to painting. A proprietary, post-manufacturing glove washing process efficiently extracts impurities to deliver a cleaner, more comfortable glove.