Ansell® HyFlex® Nitrile Coated Knit Work Gloves

Ansell® HyFlex® series rubber-coated knit gloves provide all-day worker protection from cuts, abrasions, punctures and oil or industrial fluid exposure. HyFlex® knit work gloves are lightweight and provide high level comfort with excellent grip control in either wet or dry conditions. Choose from a variety of available rubber coatings which provide different levels of chemical and abrasion protection dependent upon your specific work environment or application.

Ansell® HyFlex® 11-800 series gloves with Ansell ZONZ™ Comfort Fit technology for enhanced fit, improved feel and more durability compared to the original design. These breathable work gloves benefit from a proprietary washing process that efficiently extracts impurities to deliver a cleaner and more comfortable glove. With improved coating on these gloves, it offers improved grip in dry and slightly oily environments.

The Ansell® HyFlex® 11-100 coated knit gloves are especially designed for micro-electronic work where electro-static discharge (ESD) must be avoided. The nitrile foam coating offered with these gloves ensure that surfaces stay clean and uncontaminated.

Ansell® HyFlex® NBR 11-900 industrial work glove provies light-duty mechanical protection with dexterity. The gloves are designed specifically for use in moderately oily manufacturing and maintenance environments where protection combined with a dry grip and abrasion resistance are essential.

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