Cut & Abrasion Resistant Gloves

Ansell® ActivArmr® 80-600 Heat & Cut Resistant Kevlar® Knit Gloves

The Ansell® ActivArmr® 80-600 series Kevlar® knit gloves are designed and manufactured to safely handling glass, metal and plastics. These latex crinkle-coated Kevlar® gloves offer exceptional cut resistance and robust overall mechanical performance plus superior comfort .ActivArmr® 80-600 series Kevlar® gloves are rated at the exceptionally high cut level of EN Level 4. This high level of protection is achieved through the Kevlar® knitted liner and natural rubber coating. This coating stands up very well to abrasion, tearing and punctures. The latex coating’s raised crinkle finish gives the glove an excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions. Silicone-free ActivArmr® 80-600 gloves prevent fingerprints on warm insulation glass, leaving surfaces clean and eliminating the need for extra cleaning.