Nitrile Exam Gloves

Ansell® Microflex® Sensation® N73 Blue Nitrile Exam Gloves for Sensitive Skin

Ansell® Microflex® Sensation® N73 extra-soft nitrile exam gloves provide an exceptional fit and feel with enhanced tactile sensitivity and comfort. Ansell® Microflex® Sensation® N73 blue nitrile exam gloves are clinically proven to reduce redness and itching associated with contact dermatitis. The textured fingertips allow for an excellent grip.

Ambidextrous periwinkle blue glove is non-sterile and has a beaded cuff. It has a tensile strength of 14Mpa (min) and an Elasticity/Elongation of 650% (min). Thickness is (+/-0.01mm) 3.0mil at the palm, 3.1 mil at the fingers, and 2.8 mil at the cuff. This powder-free glove is 510K approved for medical applications, and also complies with FDA Biocompatibility Guidance for Medical Devices. It is ISO 9001 Certified QMS and passes viral penetration test ASTM F1671, and has a 1.5 AQL rating. Non-sterile. Powder-free. Chemically Resistant. Material: Nitrile. Color: Periwinkle Blue. Finish: Textured. Cuff: Beaded. Length: 9.5-Inches.