BriskHeat® DHCX Hazardous-Area Rated Metal Drum Heaters

BriskHeat® DHCX hazardous-area rated drum heaters are manufactured in compliance with T3 or T4A environment specifications. They are designed for use with metal drums. The high-limit thermostat is designed to keep the heater below NEC article 500 T-rating of 248°F (120°C), with an actual high-limit thermostat setting of 158°F (70°C). The patented grounded heating element is laminated between two layers of 23mm and two layers of 25mm fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber. Hazmat are drum heaters are moisture and chemical resistant with a nominal silicone rubber density of 26oz/sq yd (881g/sq m) per layer. The heating element is uniformly placed to maximize heat distribution and meets NEC 427.23. The attached adjustable dual set-point temperature controller has a 6ft (1.8m) long power cord. A single set-point is set at the high temperature limit and connected to a red indicator light. The leads from the blanket to the controller are enclosed in a liquid-tight conduit. The maximum exposure temperature on the heating surface is 400°F (204°C). Grounded. Designed for use with metal drums only.

Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Silicone Rubber. T-Rating: Your choice of T3 or T4A. NEC Temperature: 248°F (120°C). Actual Thermostat Temperature: 158°F (70°C). Maximum Exposure Temperature On Heating Surface: 400°F (204°C). Power Density: 2.5w/sq in (0.004w/sq mm). Nominal Silicone Rubber Density Per Layer: 26oz/sq yd (881g/sq m). Sizes available: 30-Gallon or 55-Gallon Drum in your choice of 120V or 240V.

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