BriskHeat® Centipede 2® STACK™ Three-Zone Temperature Controller

The BriskHeat® Centipede 2® STACK™ temperature controller unit features three independent PID-autotune zones of control, with set-point stored in nonvolatile memory (retains settings if power is interrupted). It has a tri-color LED status light for each zone. Includes screw terminals for heater power and RTD sensor input.

The BriskHeat® Centipede 2® STACK™operator interface unit monitors and edits up to 512 modules/zones and displays actual temperature, RTD status, set-point, high-limit alarm setting, low-limit alarm setting, and power duty cycle of each heater. It gives the user the ability to change settings individually or globally across system. It can communication with PLC or external computer through Modbus RTU over RS-232C, local User Interface (LUI) over RS-232C, or Telnet over Ethernet. The dry contact master alarm relay can be set to normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC). LEDs indicate status for main power, alarms, and internal/external communication links.