BriskHeat® Centipede 2® Temperature Controller System

The compact BriskHeat® Centipede 2® PID-autotuned temperature controller uses one module per each zone of control. It receives the set-point through networking together with a CAT5 communication cable link and stores it in nonvolatile memory (retains settings if power is interrupted). It has a new and stronger 6-pin power, and uses an 100ohm Class B DIN 385 curve resistance temperature detector (RTD) connection with BriskHeat® heating jackets. Power is supplied through one of the following sources: Centipede 2® touch-screen interface, STACK™ module bridge unit, or module power supply. It features a tri-color LED status light and uses an RTD platinum. Includes the new feature of bi-directional communication with modules. Maximum CAT5 communication cable length is 400ft (122m) or 64 modules. PID-Autotuned. Bi-Directional Communication. Dimensions: 2 x 2.2 x 1-inch (51 x 56 x 25mm).

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