BriskHeat® TOTE™ Wrap-Around Tote Tank Heaters

The BriskHeat® TOTE™ wrap-around tote tank/intermediate bulk container (IBC) heater is designed for caged, plastic, or metal tote tanks. The wrap-around blanket design allows heating from the outside to avoid contamination from the inside. It features two separate heat zones (top and bottom) that allow adjustment of heater output when content levels decrease. Tote tank heaters feature an adjustable thermostat with a range of 50-160°F (10-71°C) and a built-in manual reset high-limit safety thermostat set at 195°F (91°C) for each heat zone. Attaches to the tank by using adjustable nylon straps with buckles (two across the top and three around the tank). Blanket is constructed of 1/4-Inch thick fiberglass insulation surrounded by silicone-impregnated cloth facing and liner with a 'mouse hole' designed for a spigot and a patented ground for safety that meets NEC 427.23. Optional insulated top cover available separately. Includes a 6-foot power cord with a standard 3-prong NEMA 5-15 power plug. Available in three different models with heights of 36-Inch, 42-Inch and 48-Inch.

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