TexWipe® KOGO™ TVR Vinyl Cleanroom Tape with Synthetic Rubber Adhesive

TexWipe® KOGO™ TVR Series Cleanroom Tape is manufactured with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) backing with a synthetic rubber adhesive. This pre-cleaned vinyl cleanroom tape is ideal for clean build or cleanroom construction applications where quick tack and abrasion resistance is of chief importance. TexWipe® KOGO™ TVR Series Vinyl Cleanroom Tape is offered in five (5) different colors and four (4) different widths. This cleanroom tape is ideal for color-coding or aisle marking in cleanroom environments. This highly conformabie cleanroom bonds quickly to irregular surfaces such as duct work or visqueen sheets used for temporary walls. The matte finish of this clearoom tape makes it easy to write on with a cleanroom pen making it ideal for product labeling. All KOGO™ cleanroom tapes are uniquely packaged in press-and-seal cleanroom bags which provides a high level of cleanliness and added convenience to cleanroom environment users.


  • Cleanroom Aisle Marking
  • Cleanroom Product or Tool Color Coding
  • Cleanroom Product Labeling
  • Cleanroom ductwork sealing
  • Cleanroom Visqueen sheet hanging for temporary walls
  • Cleanroom Build-Outs and Construction
  • Cleanroom HEPA Filter Protection

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