TexWipe® TexWrite® 22 Cleanroom Notebooks

TexWrite® 22 Hard Bound Cleanroom Notebooks are designed to serve as a legal document. These cleanroom notebooks contain dual signature lines at the base of each page as well as project and notebook number identification at the top. Each page is individually numbered. An index allows for the identification of each page for quick data retrieval. The pages of the TexWrite® 22 cleanroom notebook are sewn with silicone free thread and the covers are protected with a Mylar® gloss film laminate. All notebooks are cleaned and double packaged in a cleanroom environment. These features provide security to support Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for documentation in critical laboratory and manufacturing environments.

TexWipe® TexWrite® 22 spiral-bound cleanroom notebooks are used for note-taking and data recording in the cleanroom. These cleanroom notebooks feature high-density polyethylene (HDPE) covers, plastic spirals and durable TexWrite® co-polymer cleanroom paper. Pages are printed with IPA-resistant, low-sodium ink for reduced ionic contamination. Spiral-bound cleanroom notebooks lie flat and the pages rotate freely for ease-of-use.

TexWipe® TexWrite® TexNotes self-adhesive cleanroom sticky notes
are the best way to add notes to documents, reports, equipment and work surfaces with reduced risk of cleanroom environment contamination. The handy TexWrite® cleanroom sticky note sheets feature a proprietary self-adhesive strip along the top portion of the back of the note. This low-contaminate , polymeric adhesive allows TexNotes cleanroom sticky notes to be attached and removed without leaving the high residue associated with most other low-tack adhesives. The TexWrite® TexNotes cleanroom paper substrate ensures low particle generation as well as low risk of ionic contamination. TexNotes are cleanroom-packaged in 72-sheet pads and are double-bagged for entry and use in to critical cleanroom environments.

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