JT Baker Chemical Spill Control Bulk Neutralizers, NEUTRASORB®, SOLUSORB® & NEUTRACIT®-2

Avantor's JT Baker brands of chemical neutralizers include products for Acid Spill Neutralization, Caustic Spill Neutralization and Solvent Spill Neutralization.

NEUTRASORB® Acid Spill Neutralizer isecommended for fast, efficient and controlled neutralization of concentrated acids. Change in color of the product as it is applied to the acid spill indicates full neutralization. The resulting waste material contains neutralized alkali earth sales and the alkaline metals of the neutralized acid.

For solvent spill clean-up, SOLUSORB® reacts immediately with the solvent, reducing solvent vapors and raising the flash point of the mixture. SOLUSORB provides for the safe, effective handling of a solvent spill through reduction of flammable or toxic vapors, fast handling, complete cleanup, and convenient disposal.

For caustic spill clean-up, NEUTRACIT®-2 provides a controlled reaction which eliminates splattering. The heat of the reaction is released safely as carbon dioxide. Visible color change indicates that neutralization is complete. After complete neutralization, waste materials contain neutralized citrate salts of the treated caustic.