MilliporeSigma EMD SpillSolv® Chemical Spill Control Response Kits

SpillSolv® chemical spill neutralizer kits are available for acid spills, caustic spills, solvent spills, formaldehyde spills and even mercury spills. SpillSolv® chemical spill neutralizers are also available in a convenient multipurpose spill kit which contains the components required for clean up of chemicals spills of multiple varieties. Rather than buying new kits, SpillSolv® chemical spill neutralizer kits are replenishable with chemical spill sorbent replacement sets. Sorbent dispensing bottles are designed with a handy dispensing cap which facilitates pouring and shaking out the sorbent over the chemical spill

Acid spills and caustic spills are readily transformed in to non-hazardous chemical compounds which meet EPA requirements for nonhazardous waste, making cleanup and disposal simple and easy. Solvent spills can be neutralized and contained with the adsorbent contained within the chemical spill clean up kit. All absorbents for chemical spill cleanup also act as vapor suppressants.

Formaldehyde spill kits contain a two-step neutralization and immobilization system which completely neutralizes formaldehyde spills. Mercury spill kits contain mercury spills quickly and also employ a two-part procedure. Mercury spill kits include amercury vapor suppressant adsorbent which is designed to reach crevices, cracks and other hard-to-access areas of the mercury spill.

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