Scienceware Clear Biohazard Bags

Bel-Art Scienceware® plain biohazard bags are 1.5 mil thick and made from virgin-grade polypropylene to meet or exceed the Dart Impact Resistance Test requirement of 165 grams per ASTM D1709-98. These bags are NOT pre-printed with sterilization indicator patch or any other writing.

Bel-Art Scienceware® printed biohazard disposal bags are made of High Molecular Weight, High-Density Polyethylene (HMHD), these translucent bags can be used for the safe disposal of used pipettes, Petri dishes, culture plates, membrane filters and more. Biohazard Disposal Bags can be autoclaved at a maximum of 121° C (250° F) and discarded. The bags are .03mm (0.0012-Inch) thick and are made from material that meets or exceeds the dart-impact test requirement of 165 grams per ASTM D1709-85. They are printed with a sterilization patch that darkens when subjected to steam sterilization. The bags are printed with the standard biohazard warning symbol and precautionary procedures.

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