Eppendorf 4925000170 Reference® 2 Single Channel Pipette, Fixed Volume: 2,500µL, Red Operating Butt

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Item Number: EPP-4925000170




The Eppendorf® Reference® 2 pipette is the newest premium pipette family at Eppendorf®. Besides improvement of its ergonomics the focus of its design lay on providing the most accurate results possible, optimum user safety, reliability and robustness for a long service life. The innovative single button operation is not only fast and easy, but it also allows active aerosol reduction and thus protects the user, the sample and the pipette. The sturdy handle manufactured with stainless steel protects the pipette from impact and in combination with the spring loaded bumpers the Reference® 2 pipette is likely to stay within calibration even if it takes a fall. These high levels of security make the Reference® 2 pipette ideal for use with precious liquids, or in any application requiring extremely high levels of accuracy. When there can be no compromise on quality and reproducibility, Eppendorf’s Reference® 2 is the ideal instrument for these liquid handling applications.

Single Button Operation:

  • Lower operating forces for aspiration, dispensing & tip ejection limit the strain on user's hand.
  • Allows lab techs to move quickly through pipetting tasks with single-depression ejection of pipet tips.
  • Ability to eject a pipet tip immediately following dispensing reduces the possibility of aerosol contamination.

User-Friendly Secondary Volume Adjustment:  For liquids other than aqueous solutions, normally pipettes have to be adjusted.  The Reference 2 pipette is provided with instructions for such setting adjustments.  After adjustment & use with non-aqueous liquids, simply reset the pipette back to the manufacturer original settings which are also provided.

Accurate Settings:  Volume-Lock feature provides a quick and secure setting which prevents accidental changes and provides increased security.  The secondary user-adjustment offers the most accurate transfer of liquids different than water without the need for a full calibration.

Ergonomic Design:  The round upper part makes it possible to work in any positioni.  Clear haptic feedback is felt after the blowout step which helps avoid accidental tip ejections.  The lower operating forces for aspiration, dispensing and tip ejection limit hand strain and discomfort.

Heightened Traceability:  Internal RFID technology contains all relevant pipette data and TrackIT software from Eppendorf for simple identification and documentation.  Serial number of the pipet is printed on multiple components for easy traceability.

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