MilliporeSigma 1.19849001 LiChrolut 3mL x 500mg Solid Phase Column, PP, RP-18 Endcapped Reverse Pha

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LiChrolut® RP-18 Endcapped polypropylene solid phase extraction columns are an industry standard. The primary goal of solid-phase extraction with LiChrolut® is the selective extraction of the components of interest from a complex sample or much larger sample volume prior to actual analysis (e.g. HPLC, GC, TLC). As solid-phase extraction works on the principle of liquid chromatography, this is achieved by using strong but reversible interactions between the analyte and surface of the stationary phase. Typical interactions are e.g. hydrophobic (Van-der-Waals forces), polar (hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole forces) or ion exchange interactions. Interaction between stationary phase and matrix should not occur. It is thus meaningful to carry out appropriate sample pretreatment as this emphasizes the differences in chemical properties between the substance to be analyzed and matrix components so that these are then achieved by altering the pH or the ionic strength of the sample solution. Under these conditions, the analyte is enriched as a narrow zone on the stationary phase. Subsequent to a washing step, which serves to remove possible adsorbed sample components, the actual selective elution of the analytes takes place. The capacity, measured in "mg analyte/g sorbent" means that under identical test conditions, the various batches adsorb and desorb the same quantity of analyte. In the case of LiChrolut® RP-phases and LiChrolut® EN this is characterized by the caffeine capacity for hydrophilic substances and by the diisodecylphthalate capacity (DIDP) for lipophilic substances. Solid-phase extraction with LiChrolut® offers the analyst: • Rapid sample preparation within minutes. • Higher recoveries without the formation of emulsion. • High precision of analytical results by use of disposable cartridges. • Saving of solvent and hence reduction in both materials costs and cost of disposal. • Possibilities for automating the entire process. • Optimized, validated and certified manufacturing. Particle Size: 40-63µm. 500mg x 3mL. 50 Columns/Pack. EMD Millipore Part Number: 1.19849.0001

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