JT Baker® HYDRA-POINT™ Karl Fischer Volumetric Reagents

Pyridine-free for safe, easy water determination-the product line with all the right components. HYDRA-POINT™ Karl Fischer titrants and solvents achieve fast equilibration within the Karl Fischer reaction vessel, giving greater laboratory efficiency and speed of analysis.

No matter what your requirements are for volumetric systems, HYDRA-POINT™ Karl Fischer reagents make water determination easy and trouble-free. They are pyridine-free and specially formulated for existing application procedures to give you consistent, reliable results for all types of samples. Key features of HYDRA-POINT™ Karl Fischer reagents are:

Pyridine-Free: The use of pyridine in the laboratory has well-recognized hazards, in addition to its unpleasant odor. That is why HYDRA-POINT™ Karl Fischer reagents, titrants and solvents do not contain pyridine.

Productivity: HYDRA-POINT™ Karl Fischer reagents are formulated to reach each endpoint quickly, accurately and with reproducibility, allowing you to perform more titrations in less time.

Accuracy: HYDRA-POINT™ Karl Fischer reagents have titers that are more stable with less drift, helping you save time and reduce reagent usage.

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