LAUDA® Alpha RA Series Circulating Water Baths

This LAUDA® Alpha RA 12 Refrigerating Circulator has a temperature range of -25 to 85°C that covers the larger part of all basic thermostatic applications within the laboratory. This cost-effective choice in high quality cooling circulators focuses on reliability and user-friendliness while minimizing unnecessary features. The cooling circulator is suitable for operation with non-flammable liquids (water, water/glycol) and for both internal and external thermostating tasks. A 1-point calibration of the thermostat can be carried out by the user.

The Alpha RA series of refrigerated circulating water baths are furnished with a stainless steel bath tank, 3-button operation with a large, clearly legible LED display for easy and intuitive menu navigation and easily legible display values. The cooling thermostat for these lab water baths has a screw clamp that allows it to be changed to different bath vessels with a wall thickness of up to 25mm. The automatic compressor control supplies strong cooling output only when needed, up to 425W. This equipment-saving principle extends the life of the compressor, while providing cost-effective operation with no unnecessary energy consumption.

Variable flow rates can be achieved via inserts and fittings, allowing the rate of circulation to be adjusted to the size of the bath. The front cover can be removed without tools for easy cleaning of the cool air inlet or extended maintenance intervals. A drain connection on the rear side of the devices makes emptying the heat transfer liquid a simple job. A pump circulation set, a bath cover, and a pump link for pump connection are all furnished complete.

Applications include sample preparation for chemical and pharmaceutical analysis, quality control, precise temperature control in sensitive areas such as medical serology, and versatile thermostating tasks in the field of biotechnology. Designated Safety class I, NFL for use with non-flammable liquids.

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