LAUDA® ECO RE Stainless Steel Refrigerated Circulating Water Baths With ECO Silver Thermostat

LAUDA® ECO RE series refrigerated circulating water baths feature a chemically-resistant, stainless steel bath tank. These circulating water baths feature an air-cooled condenser and are equipped with an ECO Silver Control Head that has 1.3kW heating power. It also includes a bath cover and pump connections as standard. The pump connections are nipples made of high-quality plastic with an outer diameter of 13mm. The stainless steel bath has a drain valve on the back for easy and safe changing of heat exchange liquids.

The ECO Silver digital thermostat control head is fitted with a monochrome LCD display and features a programmer with one program and 20 segments. The Vario pressure pump with six levels can be set to various output stages. A 1-point calibration of the thermostat can be carried out by the user. It includes a mini-USB interface for data transfer of the water bath's key performance indicators for test results.

Applications include precise temperature regulation in quality assurance and analytics, sample preparation in chemistry and pharmacy, temperature control in electronics and life sciences, and cooling in material tests. Designated Safety Class II, FL for use with flammable liquids.

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