KIMAX® Vacuum Desiccators

KIMAX® vacuum desiccators are designed and made for durability and efficiency in daily use. The shape of the body allows easy removal of desiccant materials. Covers and bodies are interchangeable in the same size. A simplified [ground glass joint] 2mm stopcock valve assembly for controlled vacuum type desiccators has replaced former sleeve valves. When properly greased, it should hold at least a 20-inch vacuum for twenty-four hours. Through elimination of the sleeve, the current stopcock design minimizes chipping or marring of critically ground finishes during cleaning and assembly. The valve is secured to the desiccator lid by a neoprene grommet located in the knob of the cover. One end of the valve is equipped with a tapered stem for firmly inserting into the grommet. With this style, an accidental bump would be more readily absorbed than with styles having sealed assemblies. Opposite stem is tooled with a hose connection to accept 5/16-inch I.D. flexible tubing. Due to the variety of conditions in vacuum work, it is not possible to guarantee desiccators against breakage.

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