Wheaton® Socorex Calibrex™ 520 Digital Bottle Top Dispensers

The Wheaton® Socorex Calibrex™ 520 bottle top dispenser has a sophisticated yet simple design to ensure ease of operation, superior safety and low maintenance. The chemically inert bottle-top dispenser features a series of permanently calibrated stops that provide quick and accurate volume selection. Calibration is easily adjusted in the laboratory for temperature or viscosity changes. The volume display is adjustable to four positions for optimal user viewing and ease of setting. The airflow orifice can be modified to accept a membrane filter that eliminates aerosol contamination. The syringe barrel is encased in a protective sleeve, preventing breakage and eliminating spills. The dispenser is autoclavable when fully assembled and easily disassembled for cleaning. Without adapters, dispensers fit a 33mm screw thread bottle. Supplied with adapters to fit bottles with 25, 28, 38 and 45mm screw threads. The dispenser rotates 360° on the bottle. All parts that come in contact with the liquid in use are chemically inert. A PTFE resin coating on the glass plunger prevents the "freezing" normally associated with dispensing caustic solutions. Reservoir bottle is not included.

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