Heidolph Hei-VAP Precision Rotary Evaporators

The Heidolph Precision rotary evaporator is designed for the most demanding distillation applications and the finest integrated vacuum control capabilities. Experience the advantages of a large 4.3-Inch color graphic display which features all parameters, integrated vacuum controller and includes programs for automated distillations. Designed with a manual hand lift. Save time by configuring the unit - all connected components and periphery devices will be recognized by the evaporator which eliminates the need to configure the unit manually. You can manage even the most demanding applications easily and prevent foaming, excessive bubbling or bumping. Save time with your individualized pre-programmed parameter settings for your 30 most common applications used on a daily basis by saving them as a ramp in 'Favorites' section. Each ramp offers 20 separate steps for demanding applications. Large color graphic display for all parameters and automated programs. Apply an individual name for those ramps to avoid a mix-up. The advantages of the automatic process timer turns off your evaporator at a pre-programmed time by raising the flask on motorized lift models and releasing vacuum. Control your process individually by pre-programming vacuum gradients. Hei-VAP Precision models feature a built-in vacuum controller as a standard. Even from a distance you will be able to monitor the numbers on the display easily. For increased safety, all bath temperature adjustments can be limited. Heidolph Precision rotary evaporators feature a plastic safety-coated glassware set with 1000mL evaporating flask (24/40 Standard Taper Joint) and one 1000mL receiving flask.

Choose from a variety of condenser styles which include vertical, horizontal, cold trap (dry ice) and vertical reflux types. Heidolph also offers "Complete Package" Precision rotary evaporators which include the rotary evaporator and your choice of vacuum pump, vacuum controller and other accessories which make up a complete system. These complete packages are rolled up in to a very affordable price which make them less expensive than buying each individual rotary evaporator accessory separately.

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