Riteflow® Panel-Mounted Flowmeters

Bel-Art Scienceware® Riteflow® panel mounted flowmeters are designed for both liquid and gas flow measurement. The are also ideal for process flows and pilot plants. Black anodized aluminum mounting frame accepts various flowtube sizes and features a tube-lock design with a nonrotating adapter for easy and rapid flowtube installation. For gas flow measurement, these flowmeters accurately measure carrier gases in chromatography analysis, to indicate and control gases in semiconductor and other manufacturing processes and for indicating flow rates in pumping systems. The internal bore of the flowmeter is tapered with internal rib guides to stabilize floats. Flowtubes are manufactured from heavy-wall, shock-resistant borosilicate glass with a permanently fused scale which provides extremely accurate readings with hairline scale sub-divisions. To ensure that the meter is vertical, an optional Leveling Base can be used. (Please see Item #: BEL-H404041000). The leveling base eliminates anomalies caused by friction between the moving float and tube. The triangular base is manufactured from 6-Inch thick Plexiglas® Plexiglas® with three adjustable feet and vial level.

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