Heidolph Hot Plate Stirrers

The Heidolph hot plate stirrers are available in both analog and digital control models to fit most any laboratory budget. Digital hot plate sitters allow easy setting and monitoring of heating temperature and stirring speed. Both digital and analog hot plate stirrer models feature a large control knob for variable speed settings ranging as low as 100rpm and as high as 1,400rpm. Stirring speed accuracy is within 2% of the rpm setting. Many Heidolph hot plate stirrer feature an independent safety circult which shuts off the heating element when the hot plate stirrer exceeds a temperature of 25°C of the set temperature. The heating control knob is visually illuminated when in the "On" position for safety or is above 50°C to prevent accidental burns.

The MR Hei-Standard and MR Hei Tec hot plate stirrers packages can be upgraded with an optional Hei-Con Digital Thermometer (See Item #: 036110600) which provides precise control of temperature and delivers both overheating protection as well as reproducible results for constant heating temperatures.

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