Stuart Melting Point Apparatus

The SMP10 Melting Point Apparatus uses digital temperature sensing and display rather than a traditional mercury thermometer, making it more accurate, safer and easier to use. The SMP10 makes melting point determination simple and fast, and comes at a budget price making it the ideal tool for both educational and research applications.

Viewing the melting point is via a lens with clear observation aided by built-in illumination. Two samples can be tested simultaneously. The viewing cover can be removed so that the block can be thoroughly cleaned and the bulb changed. Extendible feet allow the unit to be operated at the optimum viewing angle. When not in use, the feet fold away to make the unit easy to store.

For ease of use, instructions are printed directly onto the facia. This means that the user can quickly learn to operate the apparatus thus saving time. The SMP10 comes with stick on instructions in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. The block is positioned behind a protective screen so nothing can be touched. The innovative design means that the block heats up and cools down very quickly. Since glass capillary tubes can get broken during melting point determinations, the SMP10 block is open at both ends so broken tubes can be simply pushed out, clearing any blockages quickly.

The controls are intuitive and a plateau facility allows the melting point to be reached both quickly and accurately. A large, clear LED display makes reading the temperature easy. These LED indicator lights on the facia tell the user what the SMP10 is doing at any time making operation very simple.

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