UVP® UV Crosslinkers & Translinkers

UVP® crosslinkers are designed for crosslinking or attaching nucleic acids to a membrane. This process takes seconds as compared to lengthy oven baking. The UVP® UV Crosslinker chamber supplies uniform intensity overhead UV exposure of materials. The CL-1000 model is an exposure instrument, which utilizes shortwave ultraviolet energy to bond the DNA to a medium. Crosslinkers have a small footprint and are designed for lab benchtop use. They provide both pre-set and manual controls for ultraviolet light and timed exposures. An internal microprocessor measures and control UV output, ensuring maximum energy efficiency. UVP® crosslinkers feature a large LED display and touch panel which displays time or energy settings. They also feature a window on the door which allows viewing of the process yet blocks out the UV radiation.

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