Wheaton® Omnispense® Peristaltic Pump Liquid Dispensers, Microprocessor Controlled

The Wheaton Omnispense® peristaltic pump dispenser is designed with standard pump head. This automatic dispenser features a reverse flow option for various dispensing or aspirating operations. Liquids ranging in viscosity from aqueous solutions to medium syrups can be accurately dispensed. Ideal for use with media. Fully microprocessor controlled. One step volume calibration pumping parameters. Membrane keypad, self-prompting LCD display, stores ten different setups. Furnished complete with 3mm and 6mm I.D. silicone peristaltic pump tubing assemblies (5-Foot).

The Omnispense® plus peristaltic dispensing pump is a premium automatic dispenser known for its versatility and variable speed. This pump features a reverse-flow option for various dispensing and aspirating operations. It is perfectly suited for accurately dispensing liquids ranging in viscosity from aqueous solutions to medium syrups, all with <=1% accuracy midrange. Full microprocessor controls, including programmable soft start. One step volume calibration. Self prompting LCD readout. Microprocessor stores upto 100 setups for quick recall. Pump supports numerous tubing sizes and up to three pumpheads for easy multiple dosing. Dispensed liquids remain contained within the tubing to allow for quick, non-contaminating changes. Reverse flow capability permits aspirating operations and relieves pressure in the tubing to help eliminate drips. Built-in constant flowrate dispenser is fully programmable and delivers a preset volume over a specific period of time.

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