Heidolph Titramax Microplate Shakers

Heidolph Titramax platform microplate shakers are designed for larger sample volumes which requires ridged or gentle shaking of microplates and microtiter plates. These microplate shakers have an insulated design which prevents any heat transfer from the motor that could cause potential thermal damage to your samples. The compact, space-saving design accepts load capacities of either 2Kg or 5Kg with your choice of models featuring a top plate which accept either four or six microplates.

Heidolph Titramax 100 an 101 models feature a 1.5mm vibration orbit for mixing smaller samples whileTitramax 1000 has a 3mm vibration orbit which provides gentle mixing for larger volume samples. HeidolphTitramax microplate shakers include an integrated process timer which allows continuous, unattended mixing. Timer range can be set from 1 to 120 minutes. When the timer expires, an acoustic alarm sounds and the shaker is turned off. Variable shaking speed control knob provides smooth shaking at speeds from 150 to 1,350rpm.

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