Advantech L3P Sonic Sifter Separator, Precision Sieve Shaker for Research & Quality Assurance

Advantech L3P sieve shaker is specially designed for Sonic Sifter test sieves using a patented oscillating air column which allows this unit to achieve efficiencies previously seen only with wet sieving for materials in powdered, granular or pellet form and is capable of achieving separations ranging from 3 µm to 5.6 mm. The Sonic Sifter is virtually maintenance free. There's no screen wear or particle attrition. Particle separations can be accomplished in less than 10 seconds under favorable conditions - cutting testing times by up to 90% over other compared methods. A superior sieving instrument, the Sonic Sifter Separator is precise, versatile and ideal for research and quality assurance applications. Operating Temperature 0° F to 120° F (-18° C to 49° C).