HANNA Timer Controlled Heavy-Duty Magnetic Stirrers

These heavy-duty magnetic stirrers by HANNA incorporate a timer control that will turn the motor off after the selected amount of time has been reached. The time is adjustable from 5 minutes to 2 hours. This feature allows the user to carry out other tasks without worrying about under or over stirring.These units are heavy-duty magnetic stirrers, and can stir up to 5.0 liters (1.3 gallons), making them ideal for laboratory and production use. Each model incorporates electronic controls that allow the user to precisely regulate the speed, and a limiter ensures that the maximum speed is never exceeded (Speedsafe). Often, a sample is removed from the stirrer before the speed has been reduced. In some cases, this can cause the motor to accelerate until it destroys itself. HANNA timer controlled heavy duty magnetic stirrers incorporate a VCO device that will stop the motor from accelerating as soon as the load is removed. In addition these magnetic stirrers feature an automatic feedback mode. Maximum Stirring Capacity: 5.0 Liters. Both 115V & 230V magnetic stirrers are available. Choose from analog or digital display models as well.

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