Safe-Lab® Adapt-A-Port® Joint Adapter Kits

The Bel-Art Safe-Lab® Adapt-A-Port® joint adapter kit includes one (1) standard taper port for airtight sealing, one (1) threaded vacuum port adapter with serrated nozzle for tubing connections and one (1) threaded thermometer adapter with locking compression cap. Thermometer port adapter and vacuum port adapter inserts can be interchanged without removing body from vessel. The Adapt-A-Port® receptacle body is manufactured with chemical-resistant Teflon® and features a 24/40 Standard Taper joint. Th adapter has a threaded top with a mounted polypropylene nut is mounted. The center hole within the body allows insertion of a thermometer and exhaust of gases. An integral Viton® O-ring at top of the joint provides a leak-proof seal against the receiving vessel or flask. The inside top of the receptacle body is threaded hold a Adapt-A-Port® Therm-O-Vac® Thermometer Adapter Insert or Vacuum Port Adapter Insert. The Thermometer adapter has threaded cap with an open port capable of holding either a 6mm or 10mm O.D. thermometer, glass tubing or similar items. Viton® O-rings seal the thermometer and against body for a tight fit. The Vacuum Port Adapter insert features a Teflon® barbed tubing connector with a 1/16-Inch O.D.. This adapter screws inside the receptacle joint adapter and seals against a Viton® O-ring. A Second Viton® O-ring seals the adapter against mouth of body. Teflon® construction is easily cleaned, will not freeze and withstands temperatures to 210° C.

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