Nalgene® Bioprocess Bag Management System

The Nalgene® Bioprocess Bag Management System features rigid top and bottom polycarbonate shell which provides a puncture-resistant protective barrier for single-use bioprocess bags. The shell interior is contoured to fit many types of bioprocess bags while isolating and stabilizing the bag and tubing during transport. Clear colored shells allow for easy viewing of contents. Opaque black colored shells are designed for use with light sensitive samples. The shell body can withstand freezing and autoclaving temperatures from -80 to 121°C (-112 to 250°F). This unit is ideal for bioprocess applications involving containment and transport of high value contents. Assembled units stack securely, and empty shells can be nested for storage. The Bioprocess Bag Management System has been tested to provide a maximum threshold temperature of -50°C (-58°F) for up to 72 hours. The Nalgene® Bioprocess Bag Management System complies with ISTA 2A standards. Each system includes two clear polycarbonate shell bodies, four polycarbonate release clips, five TPR button plugs, and instructions. Autoclavable. Material: Polycarbonate Shell And Release Clips, TPR Button Plugs. Temperature Range: -80 To 121°C (-112 To 250°F). Available in both 5-Liter and 20-Liter sizes in both clear as well as opaque black colors. Nalgene® #: 15000 Series.

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