CapitolBrand® Autofil™ Plastic Centrifuge Bottles, Graduated

CapitolBrand® Autofil™ disposable centrifuge bottles are available in either durable, clear polycarbonate plastic or translucent, chemically resistant polypropylene plastic. These centrifuge bottles are are furnished complete with your choice of either a leakproof sealing cap with a silicone O-ring or a standard leakproof screw cap. These centrifuge bottles are fully autoclavable for sterile applications. They are designed to process samples for cell suspensions, cell lysates, tissue homogenates and organ homogenates. Centrifuge bottles feature thick walls that hold up to reuse and repeated autoclaving. Leakproof sealing cap or screw caps designed for these bottles help avoid messy rotor cleanup. The wide mouth design makes filling and pouring liquids easy. Each Autofil™ centrifuge bottle also features large, clearly readable, molded graduation markings and a frosted area for convenient labeling and sample identification.

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